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About us

H1BTalents.com is a Connecticut, USA-based comprehensive job site for US and Canadian employers with OWP and businesses. Our job site is to provide the comprehensiveness needed for the recruitment and staffing industries to smooth their workflows, save time, and boost their businesses.

As simple as that: No dollar profit, No Commission. Just post the job and get qualified candidates.

Why H1BTalents.com?

There are tons of qualified and experienced candidates who are interested in looking for a job in the H1B niche but are not doing so because of the complicated process of hunting in the H1B niche or because they are annoyed by getting spam jobs. We are connecting this network of people and encouraging them to sign up to get the authentic job they desire. We do have an enormous response, and we do have more than 88% of returning traffic looking for the job very often.

On the recruitment side, the jobs are backfiled by many unauthorized job sites, thereby getting unqualified applications from different channels. Or the applications are not filtered among the new sponsorship seekers or actual candidates with work authorizations, which does not meet the satisfaction level. This process is always expensive for them in terms of their time, effort, and money, as well as maintaining credibility with their clients or business.

So H1BTalents.com is connecting the dots by simply connecting qualified candidates with authentic job providers.

Our services include, but are not limited to:


Our job site offers job postings with unlimited, highly filtered AI applications. There is no way you will get spam or unqualified candidate submissions. Almost 99% of human-like filtered applications depend on your job requirements. Browse our contact-verified, highly skilled resume database to close your recruitment process quickly.

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Staffing or Third-Party Agencies

Our comprehensives provide the staffing agency with the ability to post their C2C job requirements and hotlist submissions as part of bench sales with the easen workflow system. Taking advantage of the system will help your staffing business get multiple business leads and build its brand.

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STEM Business

Create your business ads if you are providing attorney services, courses and workshops, resume writing services, or webinars.

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